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What is nft?

  NFT, which stands for non-fungible token, is the data science collected in digital ledgers called block chain, which confirms that an asset that is in digital is unique and cannot be indirectly replaced by each other. Anything that happens in digital can be NFT. It can be used to represent the existence and uniqueness of photos, videos, audios and other digital files. However, access to a copy of an NFT file is not limited to the recipient of the NFT. That is, the buyer can only provide the owner of the NFT with a separate proof of ownership separately from the copyright. This evidence is tracked on blockchains. When did NFT become popular? After the pandemic, i.e. in 2021, interest in the use of NFT has increased. NFTs are supported on blockchains such as Ethereum, Flow and Tezos. With the development of technology, many of the works of art and popular culture are now being transferred to digital. Thus, NFTs are also used to commoditize digital assets in the arts, music, sports and

Crypto prices one year ago today

  If you had invested a year ago, which would you invest in?