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5 Ways to Make Money with Google


There are many methods by which you can make money with Google. I've listed what I know and what I've done. I have tried all of them except Youtube. More or less, this is the first time I've made money from Google Award-winning Surveys.

1. Google Adsense

If anyone wants to write a detailed article about Adsense, but I will mention it briefly for now. In fact, I write in detail in every application here. If you are saying how to make money with Google AdSense, you first need to have a specific audience. So if you don't have a follower or subscriber, etc., it's unlikely that you can make money from Adsense. Or if you don't know google seo. Anyway, first you need to open a website. After opening the website, whatever content you have on your site has reached a certain number. Let's say there are 10-15 ingredients. Then you apply to Adsense, and ads begin to appear to users who log in to your site. If users click on the ads shown, you receive a per-click fee. The costs per click vary from day to day and even from hour to hour. The cost per click that I saw the most was over 50₺. He had come from abroad.

2. Admob

AdMob uses Google's practices, which is the platform that application developers to earn money and promote their applications in-app ads to promote through in-app ads and allows you to make money by enabling intelligent applications provides information through Google Analytics. Let's say you have made an application to the Google Play Store. You can make the application paid or you can add AdMob. I don't know much about AdMob, but we can call it the version of Adsense for applications.


I don't think anyone knows about Youtube, but let me tell you anyway. You upload your videos to Youtube, you apply to earn money when you reach 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of viewing, if your application is approved, you can start making money.


It is also possible to make money by blogging, just like opening a website again, but this service is a free service, such as opening a channel on Youtube. Again, blogger, which is a service of Google, makes it possible to open a blog for users for free. If your articles are attracted by users, you can add Adsense ads if they are interested. I mean, I don't know if what you write should get attention, but the more visitors you get to your blog, the more money you make. In fact, you are making money through Adsense in a kind of the same way as on YouTube.

5. Google Award-Winning Surveys

Google uses this application to conduct sunday research and pays money per survey. prizes ranging from $1 to Dec 0.1 are available on the Google Play Store. I didn't withdraw money, but I remember saving 15-20₺. Is better than nothing.

Bonus: Local Guidance

I don't know if anyone does this method, but I think a lot of money can be made with this method. You open Google maps and get a level as you navigate through the places and score the places. I have an account, for example, I'm 5. this is my local guide. People are curious about my opinions and comments. Let's say you went to the venue and made a bad comment. Users who see this comment do not go to this place. And vice versa, it can do a lot of work.

We recently went to a place in the city where I am, had dinner, etc. The owner of the venue said if you could comment. We did it, so we went back and I asked if the comments worked. He says he's naughty or naughty. So you can comment in response to the fee. But I think your level should be high.

Note: there is no misunderstanding that you do not receive payment from Google here. 
As a result, the easiest google award-winning surveys. That's the amount of easy money... Thank you for reading. If you have any information, we can discuss it under this topic. Thanks.


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