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The best sites for making money

  Fiver You can market your talent as a member here, whatever service you can provide according to your own ability. For example, if you say that you do very good video editing, if you do it on this site, you will earn both dollars and get a lot of money for your work. Or you can do very good design, copywriting or whatever you can think of. Upwork Employers open an ad here. For example, if a high-budget video is to be shot, you can also apply for this ad. There are more high-paying, high-budget jobs on this site. Well, you can earn $ 100-150 even on an editorial ad. Freelancer a website with freelancer jobs, as in the name. Etsy This site serves people who are engaged in needlework from all over the world. Well, I think the handmade necklace will cost a lot. Or you can paint stones and sell them. What harm can come from trying? You can also write down the business ideas that come to your mind on the topic. iStockPhoto A site where you can earn money by selling photos or videos. Websit

Making money by listening to music

 If we said that you would make money by listening to music, you might not believe it at first, but with the development of technology and the formation of people's needs, applications that make money by listening to music have appeared, and it has become possible to make money by listening to music. People use paid apps to listen to music, but you can do it by making money on top of it. In this article, we have prepared an article about applications and sites that make you money by listening to music. Music Xray You are charged $0.10 for each comment you listen to and make on the site with thousands of songs. In order to withdraw your money, you need to have a balance of at least $20. You can listen and interpret any song you want. Welocalize Again, welocalize, a site that works in the same logic, is waiting for you to comment on the songs you are listening to. He also pays an average of $4 per translation if you translate. This application charges people according to

Making money by taking a walk

Is it possible to earn money by taking a walk? Applications that turns your steps to money are available in this article. If you have enough time, you can easily earn money by taking a walk by these applications. Even if it is not possible to make a serious profit with these applications alone, but you can make a small income. At least when you are walking, you will also have earned money. Arhievement Fitness 1 Of our list of Arhievement applications that have received more than one million downloads on Google Play. it is located during the. He makes payments on the fact that you exercise for health and answer questionnaires. It is necessary to follow the steps presented to you and participate in various problems. Sweatcoin Sweatcoin is a walking activity application with more than 10 million downloads. Step gives the gain according to the number in the days. In addition to walking, it also gives prizes to sports and exercises. Earnings are not given directly in cash, they are transfer